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Sustainability Symposium

The Office of Sustainability is pleased to invite you to our semi-annual Indiana University Sustainability Internship Symposium on Friday, April 13, 2012 in the Grand Hall at the Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center.

The symposium will feature the research projects of IU Bloomington’s 2011-2012 academic year sustainability interns, including presentations, a poster session, and lunch featuring local food.
We invite you to visit the webpage for the 2011 academic year symposium for a better idea of the symposium’s structure.  A full listing of this year’s interns and their projects can be found here.

We hope you will join us in celebrating our students’ contribution to the campus sustainability initiative.


Waste Audit!!!

The No Waste  final waste audit event is this Friday, March 23, from 9:00AM – 11:00AM. It will be the biggest and most organized audit yet. Coffee and breakfast from Bloomington Bagel Company will be provided, as well as all the necessary safety gear. Come for 5 minutes or 2 hours – we need your help! Please wear closed-toed shoes and long pants/sleeves – and remember, if you don’t think you’re cut out for sorting trash and recycling, we have several jobs not involving touching anything icky.

The audit will be held in the Ballantine Hall parking deck, across from the loading dock. If you are standing at the globe in the main lobby, head right, then through the back entrance, and you’ll see a big group of people having a great time… that’s us!

Sign up for the event here! 

Informational Sessions

Green Drinks presents Ben Brabson

When: 5:30 – 7:30 PM (Wednesday, February 22)

Where: Banquet Facility of the Upland Brewing Company, 350 West 11th Street

Description: At 6 p.m., Ben Brabson, Emeritus Professor of Physics, will provide a presentation entitled “Climate Change and Bloomington”.  The talk will focus on ways that we in Bloomington can take full advantage of our capacity to think, to understand and to benefit from specific actions to both mitigate and adapt to our changing climate.

Green Drinks Bloomington is a lively, informal social networking event for people from all walks of life who are interested in making a greener world.  Folks gather every month to share libations and ideas, discuss, debate, explore and make new friends and business connections. It is held the 4th Wednesday of every month from 5:30 – 7:30 pm at the Banquet Facility of the Upland Brewing Company. There’s a $5 suggested donation, some food will be provided. To receive a monthly reminder, write  To learn more about Green Drinks visit

Prospect Hill presents: Permaculture Presentation by Keith Johnson

When: 7:00 -9:00 pm (Tuesday, March 6th)

Where: Monroe County Public Library Auditorium 

Description: Come learn about Permaculture from Keith Johnson! Permaculture is about designing ecological human habitats and food production systems.  It is a land use and community building movement which strives for the harmonious integration of human dwellings, microclimate, annual and perennial plants, animals, soils, and water into stable, productive communities. A central theme in permaculture is the design of ecological landscapes that produce food. However, permaculture entails much more than just food production. Energy-efficient buildings, waste water treatment, recycling, and land stewardship in general are other important components of permaculture. Permaculture has expanded its purview to include economic and social structures that support the evolution and development of more permanent communities, such as co-housing projects and eco-villages. 

Keith is an experienced permaculture site designer and teacher.  He has been providing consulting advice and design since 1979.  He has developed an intimate knowledge of various regional landscapes, botany, soils, earthworks, natural building and other skills.  With a wealth of experience in temperate climate permaculture systems he offers a range of consulting services to regional and distant clients.

Keep IU Beautiful

Volunteer for campus litter study
When: 02/14/ at 2:00pm

Where: Campus Division Office, 2222 E 10th St.

Description: Show our campus some love and help us keep IU beautiful!  Volunteers are needed to help us sort and categorize campus litter in support of an effort to reduce littering on campus.  Did you know that IU staff currently pick up 1,500 lbs of litter a day off of the ground on the IUB campus?  Help us locate the sources and find solutions to this problem. Wear long sleeves, pants, and closed-toed shoes.  We’ll provide the rest. Questions can be directed to IUOS intern Mark Milby at

IU Campus Gardens

Spring Workdays at the Hilltop Garden

Friday’s 2:00-4:00 (beginning February 17th)

Volunteer with us at the Campus Garden Initiative’s new plot at Hilltop Gardens: learn and practice skills for planning, planting and tending to edible plants; help shape the plan for using produce grown this summer; and meet fellow volunteers passionate about growing food for our campus. Bike racks and parking spaces are available for volunteers.

For more information, contact Stephanie Hopkins, Garden Coordinator at or

Radon Awareness Month

Radon-Why Do We Ignore It?

By Shelly Rosenblum

Psychology is fascinating, especially when you consider how we use it on ourselves – or against ourselves to be more precise. When do we use it against ourselves? When we put things off that are good for us, like cutting back on junk food, or skipping the gym, or when we hear someone tell us to test for radon and we don’t.

While it’s difficult to perceive how something we can’t see or smell can hurt us, is there something else stopping us from taking action? After all, the Surgeon General and public health organizations like the ALA and EPA tell us that radon is a leading cause of lung cancer, second only to smoking. We usually take messages from these folks to heart, so why ignore radon?

Dr. Peter M. Sandman is an expert on risk communication. He helps people understand why we fear some things that carry little risk and overlook things which carry a huge risk – like radon. He describes this behavior with a formula: Risk = hazard + outrage. Outrage? What’s that? Suppose a company spills a toxic substance in your neighborhood, creating a health hazard. We’d be angry. Then suppose they’re not forthcoming about the quantity spilled and danger level. We’d be even more angry or OUTRAGED!

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New Years Pledge

We all make New Year’s resolutions for a variety of reasons, such as losing weight, paying off debt, or learning a new language. Why not add becoming more sustainable to the list? Although most people have already incorporated sustainable practices into their lives at home and work, there is always room for improvement. I encourage everyone to create a pledge stating the ways in which you plan to strengthen your commitment to sustainability in 2012.

Some suggestions for Green Team members:

  • Create a list of “green tips” for your co-workers that can be presented at office meetings
  • Volunteer with one of the many sustainability focused organizations on campus
  • Work to achieve one of the four levels of certification through the Green Teams Certification program
  • Use electronic documents whenever possible and only print when necessary
  • Set up printers to automatically duplex print (double-sided)
  • Activate sleep mode on your computer
  • Turn off and unplug computer screens, printers, and scanners before leaving for the day
  • Replace old light bulbs with energy-efficient light bulbs
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Choose alternative transportation- walk, bike, or take the bus
  • Buy Fair Trade coffee for your office
  • When hosting an event with food, ask for local caterers that emphasize sustainable practices

I welcome you to post your own pledge on the Green Teams blog