New Years Pledge

We all make New Year’s resolutions for a variety of reasons, such as losing weight, paying off debt, or learning a new language. Why not add becoming more sustainable to the list? Although most people have already incorporated sustainable practices into their lives at home and work, there is always room for improvement. I encourage everyone to create a pledge stating the ways in which you plan to strengthen your commitment to sustainability in 2012.

Some suggestions for Green Team members:

  • Create a list of “green tips” for your co-workers that can be presented at office meetings
  • Volunteer with one of the many sustainability focused organizations on campus
  • Work to achieve one of the four levels of certification through the Green Teams Certification program
  • Use electronic documents whenever possible and only print when necessary
  • Set up printers to automatically duplex print (double-sided)
  • Activate sleep mode on your computer
  • Turn off and unplug computer screens, printers, and scanners before leaving for the day
  • Replace old light bulbs with energy-efficient light bulbs
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Choose alternative transportation- walk, bike, or take the bus
  • Buy Fair Trade coffee for your office
  • When hosting an event with food, ask for local caterers that emphasize sustainable practices

I welcome you to post your own pledge on the Green Teams blog

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