ViS Energy Awareness Campaign

NUCLEAR Solution-or NO CLEAR Answer? 

When: October 25, 2011  7:00 pm

Where: Meyers Hall 130

Following Japan’s nuclear disaster this March, the debate over the use of nuclear energy received significant attention worldwide. While some countries rely almost entirely on nuclear power and view it as a clean energy source, others adamantly refuse to implement it. This contrast generates much confusion over what nuclear energy actually is, if it is in fact dangerous, and how it may or may not fit into the future of energy in the United States.

Join us in a conversation about the current and future state of nuclear energy in the U.S. The discussion will be led by three panelists and will address radiation safety, nuclear waste disposal options, and whether or not nuclear can be considered sustainable. Time will be provided for audience questions.

 Our distinguished panelists include:

John Applegate is the Walter W. Foskett Professor of Law at the Indiana University Maurer School of Law as well as the IU Executive Vice President for regional affairs, planning, and policy. He was recently appointed to the National Academy of Sciences’ Nuclear and Radiation Studies Board and is nationally recognized for his work in environmental risk assessment and policy analysis. Applegate has written many books and articles on the regulation of toxic substances, defense nuclear waste, public participation in environmental decisions, and international environmental law.

Paul Sokol is a professor of condensed matter physics (experimental) at IU. His research expertise includes the areas of neutron and X-ray scattering, quantum liquids, nanosytems, and phase transitions. Sokol formerly served as director of the IU Cyclotron Facility, recently restructured into the new physics research laboratory, called the Center for the Exploration of Energy and Matter.

Gregory Crouch is a broadly trained radiological health and safety professional with more than 30 years of diverse experience in various positions within universities and government.  He holds a Master of Science in Radiological Health Physics from Purdue University and a Master of Public Health from the University of Minnesota.  He is currently the Director of Radiological Safety for Indiana University – Bloomington, where his responsibilities include managing the activities and associated hazards of radioactive material uses licensed by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. His professional experience also includes serving in several key positions in State Radiological Emergency Response Plans. Crouch has developed and taught courses in “Environmental Health Science”, Controversies in Environmental Health,” “Radiological Hazard Management”, and “Nuclear Technology and the Environment.”

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