Campus Sustainability Day

CSD (Campus Sustainability Day) is coming up on the 26th of October. For those of you who are not familiar with CSD, it is a day to focus on current sustainable actions and future goals. Campuses all over the country are finding creative ways to make their campuses more sustainable, and CSD is a day to spotlight these efforts.

How are you going to get involved? There are a number of ways in which your Green Team can participate in CSD.  Some of the current examples underway are Bloomington Professional Council’s “No Print Day,” as well as the IUOS interns’ efforts towards the promotion of energy conservation, alternative transportation, tap water instead of bottled water, and sustainable food options. Some other suggestions are: leave your car at home, volunteer with campus organizations that promote sustainability, collect items for local charities, or hold a lunch and learn to educate coworkers about sustainability.  As you can see, there are many ways we can all get involved.

If you would like to share what your team is doing to participate in CSD, please post it on the Green Teams blog, or send it to me at

For more information on CSD visit the AASHE site at

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