Volunteer Opportunity

The Greening Cream and Crimson initiative will green IU athletic events, utilizing our dedicated volunteers (you!), during IU men’s regular-season football games.

Volunteers will receive:
A Free Greening Cream and Crimson t-shirt
Free food and drink at at the event itself 
Game Day Initiatives:
  • Recycling during tailgating – Volunteers will circulate the tailgating area, instructing fans on the proper techniques – will distribute bags (clear for recycling, black for trash) and educate and encourage fans to recycle
  • Recycling inside Memorial Stadium – Volunteers will educate and encourage fans to recycle and supervise recycling of aluminum, plastic, cardboard, etc. in the stadium
  • Vendor waste reduction – Supervised recycling should assist in reducing contamination of cardboard, paperboard – greenware pilot – 100% compostable corn-based “plastics”
  • Eco Cell phone collection – Volunteers will supervise collection of cell phones for recycling
  • Bike Valet  –Volunteers will valet bicycles on the west concourse of the stadium

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