Tree Certification Achieved!

Environmental Health, and Safety, Management

Please join me in congratulating EHS (Environmental Health, and Safety, Management) Green Team for earning their Tree-level certification. The EHS team is comprised of 8 members: Patricia Moser (the teams leader), Carole Baynes, Shonna McCracken, Alex Bohorquez, Graham McKeen, April Karr, Megan Utleyand, and Michael Dorsett. As the forth and final level of certification, this is an impressive accomplishment, especially considering their team was formed just a year ago in September of 2010.

As a Green Team that has advanced through all four levels, EHS’s main piece of advice for other teams was “to not be intimidated to ask for approval for what your department needs to do to attain certification. Stay committed to your objective.”

So what is next for EHS? According to the team members, “EHS plans to continue implementing measures to be a sustainable department and to work with the Office of Sustainability and the various working groups to make IU a sustainable university.” In their words, they plan to “keep on truckin.”

Once again, Congratulations!

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