The Perfect Plants

Office Plants 

Not only are plants a nice way to liven up your office, but they also act as a great natural filter for the ambient air. This is especially important in the indoor workplace, where stale air, formaldehyde, and VOC off-gassing can greatly affect your health.

Plant of the Century

For those not born with a green thumb, Pothos Plants are a perfect place to start. These plants are incredibly low maintenance, requiring VERY little attention. For that matter, they don’t even need soil. Simply place a number of plant clippings in a vase of water and let them be. If you opt for soil, the plants’ fertilizer and water needs are minimal. While most plants require at least some sunshine, these plants thrive in settings with incredibly low amounts of light.

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For more plant suggestions, keep reading!

Additional Plants for Your Office

In addition to the Pothos Plant, the plants listed below are also ideal for the office setting. They require little light, minimal watering, and are the top choices for filtering indoor air.

1. Peace Lily:  This plant is an all-star! Peace Lilies do well in low light, and they’ll let you know when they need water by lowering their leaves in a drooping manner. In general, a once a week watering will serve this plant well.

2. Mother-in Law’s Tongue: This plant is great for beginners! The Mother-in-Law’s Tongue will do well in almost any setting, including an office with little or no daylight, but will also thrive in brighter locations.  This plant can tolerate a lack of watering, but will show its displeasure quickly if it is overwatered.

3. Chinese Evergreen: Super easy, likes low light, moderate watering, but HATES cold drafts! This plant will do great in your office as long as it is not next to the air conditioner.

4. Dracaena “Janet Craig”: Although there are other plants from the Dracaena family that will do well in an office, the Dracaena “Janet Craig” is rumored to be the best. This plant grows well in low light and tolerates considerable dryness.

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