Students Aim to Make Little 500 More Environmentally Friendly

This sign will greet spectators at this year's Little 500! Photo Courtesy of Indiana University

IU students will be sustaining more than a “buzz” at this week’s Little 500 race.  In collaborating with the IU Office of Sustainability and the student organization Volunteers in Sustainability, the IU Student Foundation will be emphasizing recycling, the use of environmentally friendly materials, and creative ways to reuse or replace items that in the past have created large amounts of waste.  For those who attend the bicycle races–women’s race is on Friday and the men’s race is on Saturday–there will be several cool and exciting, sustainability-related things to see:  recycling bins at Bill Armstrong Stadium, official programs printed on recycled paper, reusable pit boards identifying the teams, biodegradable balloons, and race participants using reusable water bottles instead of numerous paper cups to stay hydrated.  Also, during the pre-race parade, IU First Lady Laurie Burns McRobbie will ride a bicycle to promote alternative transportation.  AND, perhaps the most exciting detail of them all, Bill Brown, the Director of the IU Office of Sustainability, will be driving  the pace car, which will be a hybrid! Hopefully issues of sustainability will become permanent features of the Little 500 tradition.

To read more about the IU Student Foundation’s plans for “greening” Little 500, check out their press release.

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